User Experience and Analysis of an Autonomous Shuttle Service


As the use of autonomous vehicles for public transportation becomes more prevalent, it is important to examine characteristics of potential users and their perception of the service. This study aimed to capture user opinions and feedback from both riders and non-riders concerning an autonomous shuttle service. Potential differences in user groups were examined as well, comparing employees of the Department of Defense to civilian users. Participants generally held positive opinions about the shuttle, although riders were more likely to rate the service favourably. Civilian users were also more likely to rate the shuttle favourably and more often claimed that they would recommend it to others. The youngest participants tended to report higher levels of agreement and acceptance on perceived safety and intelligence as well as the shuttle’s avoidance of obstacles and obedience of traffic rules. Research in this area has implications for all facets of the transportation industry as well as future users of autonomous public transportation.

In Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems.
Liam Kettle
Liam Kettle
UX & Human Factors Researcher